Redcord Tross punane 60cm (1 paar)

Tootekood: 112020
Ühik: paar
The Redcord Rope 60 cm comes with a hook on one side and a cleat on the other side. The ropes can be attached to the ropes of a Redcord Trainer to enable use of multiple slings/straps.
Red rope 60 cm, one pair
  • Easy to attach/detach to the Redcord Rope, red 5 meter
  • Easy height adjustment with cleat attached to the ropes
  • Can be used with any Redcord slings, straps or gripsContent:
1 x Redcord Rope 60 cm (pair) 
1 x Safety Information
Max. load: 150 kg
Material: Rope: Polyester
Plastic sleeve: ABS
Cleaning: Machine wash 60º
Thickness: 8 mm
* Redcord ropes and elastic cords can not be used together with the Redcord Mini.