Redcord Stimula+

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The Redcord Stimula+ is an effective tool to apply vibration during Neurac® treatment. The device is developed to make Neurac treatment even more effective when controlled vibration is needed. The treatment is done in body weight-bearing postions and is a part of the Neurac treatment.

Vibration can be selected according to different criteria:

  • A selected frequency
  • 3 different levels of energy/frequency intervals
  • Automatic variation of frequency(ies) in fixed or random intervals
  • Preset turnaround
  • Registration of time turnaround
  • Selection of energy level

Intended use of Redcord Stimula+ is as an integrated part of the Neurac method in treatment of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders.

Redcord Stimula+ can particularly:

  • Reduce or modulate pain
  • Increase proprioceptive input
  • Enhance muscle activation

1 Redcord Stimula
1 Power supply for 100 to 240V, with foot pedal and cable connector
1 Black Stimula case
1 Loctite to use on the screws and bolts on the Redcord Slidining Suspension System