Redcord Axis

Tootekood: 110050
Ühik: tk


The Redcord AXIS introduces rotational movements to suspension exercise - creating the potential for a large number of new functional exercises, progressions and variations. 
  • Increase range of exercises and variations in all progressions
  • Two rollers ensure anatomically and biomechanically correct execution
  • Enables sport specific exercises that can be modified to any particular movement pattern
  • Ensures equal weight load distribution between injured and healthy side (rehabilitation)

1 x Redcord AXIS
1 x Redcord Straps, one pair
1 x Redcord AXIS Ceiling Suspension
3 x Carabiners
1 x Redcord Cord Lock for Redcord AXIS
1 x Redcord AXIS User Manual
1 x AXIS Exercise Pposter

Max load 200 kg